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Precise and stable frequencies with sine or square wave forms are digitally synthesized. Handling and operation of our devices are explained in detailed operating manuals. Most customers report that it was easy to get started.

Please note that F-SCAN is not a medical device.

Prices excl. VAT. Duties and taxes charged on import.

TB-ELECTRONICS, its suppliers, or associates make no claims whatsoever, now or in the future, expressed or implied, nor guarantee any effects or performance whatsoever for the products sold through this web site and shall not be liable for the same. Moreover, TB-ELECTRONICS, its suppliers, or associates are not responsible whatsoever for any problems arising or resulting from the use, abuse, or misuse, intentionally or unintentionally, for any of the products being sold due to any circumstances beyond its reasonable control. Furthermore, any of the products being sold by TB-ELECTRONICS are for experimental use only, and any information being disseminated by TB-ELECTRONICS is for research purposes only. In any case, TB-ELECTRONICS, its distributors or associates shall have no other liability.

Our frequency devices include functions which could be applicable for delivery of signals according to the publications of Hulda R. Clark and/or Royal R. Rife. We expressly declare that the medical statements in the context of Clark and Rife - to our knowledge - are neither researched, nor have they been validated, by scientific investigations. Any related statements in publications are unproven.